Feb 17 2022


Did you know that 2% of all trash in American landfills comes from e-waste? Unfortunately, about 70% of all toxic waste in America’s landfills comes from e-waste. Our devices contain all kinds of unusual chemicals that can negatively affect the environment. Of course, there are all kinds of other reasons to manage e-waste. You can…
malware threats

Feb 3 2022


Are you worried about the latest types of malware threats? Cyber attacks cost small businesses an average of $200,000 per year. In some cases, the impact forces them to close shop. These computer viruses can enter your system and steal valuable data in seconds. The key to beating malware is to identify them from a mile away.…
dropped laptop

Jan 20 2022


THUD! Your laptop hits the floor and a sense of panic rushes through your body. Don’t stress just yet. Repairs from a dropped laptop can be minor enough to fix yourself while others require the help of a professional. The fate of your laptop after a fall depends on the height from which you dropped…
loud computer fan

Jan 6 2022


So you’re minding your own business, playing a game, browsing the web, or working online, when all of the sudden you hear that telltale noise. Your fan is whirring like mad. Your computer isn’t happy and you’re not sure what the problem is. Sure, you can keep working like this, but the sound is distracting…
types of antivirus software

Dec 15 2021


More than 100,000 recognized computer viruses and almost a dozen types of malware are currently floating around the internet, waiting for an opportune moment to infect your devices. For that reason, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date on the types of antivirus software available for your computers. After all, choosing the right software for your devices…

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