Requirements for Scholarship Continuity

Financial disbursements / payments to the Zarina Shamim Scholarship Winners are made on the fulfillment of following conditions;

  • A minimum of B grade (70%) / CGPA of 3.0 is necessary to maintain, for each scholar, in order to continue the scholarship support.
  • All scholarship holders are provided financial assistance if they have admission in a recognized government institution.
  • The scholars will have to submit their examination results of every semester / year before the next payment of tuition fees is disbursed to them.
  • In case of any fraudulent activity, in providing results or any other information, the scholarship will be terminated with immediate effect.
  • Any change in the college / academic institution will only be allowed if the total marks are more than 80%. For example, if the student has 70% marks in I.Com and wants to move from Queen Mary College to Lahore College in B.Com, then, she will not be allowed to move to a more expensive educational institution.
  • Any change(s) in the academic program or academic institution should be done after consultation with anyone of the three senior management people, i.e., Executive Director, Principal and Vice Principal. Management's decision will be considered final for the continuation of the scholarship.
  • Books and Stationery Allowance per semester / year is paid to each scholar.
  • No transport allowance is paid to any scholar.
  • No allowance is paid for attending any preparatory tests, tuitions etc.
  • No financial support is provided for repeating a class to improve the grades. The scholarship will discontinue and the student will have to bear the expenses for repeating the year.
  • The scholarship can be deferred for one year on the basis of authentic medical reasons
  • In all of the above, Senior Management reserves the right of final decision.