Scope of Support for Zarina Shamim Scholarships

The scope of the scholarship is intended to help the students complete their college / university / professional education in Pakistan. The student can study with this scholarship till Masters Degree or completion of a professional degree.

The scholarship covers the college / university tuition fees and books. The expenses are paid directly in the bank at the submission of the fees bill / invoice or to the student. A cash lump sum amount will be given for books and stationery items.

A student can complete her education with this scholarship as long as she meets the academic standards and continue to get the required grades for maintaining this scholarship.

Scholarships are given to students who join recognized colleges. In case of Professional & Private Institutions – Medical, Engineering, IT, Dental, Nursing etc.; if a scholarship holder decides to go to a private institution, then, the financial assistance will be provided only equivalent to the amount of a regular / morning tuition fees and related expenses of Government Institutions.

For example, if a government college fees is Rs. 25,000/- per year and any private college fees is Rs. 100,000/- per year; and the student decides to go to the private college, then ZSSF will only pay up to Rs. 25,000/-.