Selection Process for Zarina Shamim Scholarships

Scholarship Selection Committee (SSC) & Scholarship Management Committee (SMC)

The Scholarship Selection Committee (SSC) comprises of nine members, coming from both administration and teaching sides of the institution. The SSC nominates and evaluates students for the awards. The Scholarship Management Committee (SMC) interviews the nominated students and makes the final decisions.

Selection Process

The Scholarship Selection Committee (SCC) meets every three months and writes down potential nominees / names of the students. The recommendation list is passed on to the Scholarship Management Committee (SMC) – as and when the SMC demands for the list. Two to three members of the SMC interview the nominated students and make a final decision on scholarship winners; based on their merit, personal commitment and financial need.

Announcements & Awards Ceremony

Every year, usually in September, a function is arranged with students of out-going 10th class, existing 10th class, 9th class and 8th class students to announce the names of the scholarship winners. The main objectives of this ceremony are to recognize the award-winning students and also to motivate the future classes to work harder and compete for the scholarship(s).